A nudist is simply a human being without "Artificial Additives".

Naturist Etiquette

Generally, the same common-sense guidelines for behavior and conduct apply in the naturist world as in the clothed world. Be polite and respect the rights of others. When visiting a landed club as part of a group outing, make sure you understand and follow the rules specific to that club.
•    Gawking is impolite.  It is okay to look but always rude to stare.
•    For sanitary reasons, always sit on a towel when using public seats or furniture.
•    Respect the environment.  Stay out of environmentally sensitive areas and take with you anything you brought in while enjoying nature.  Naturists believe in leaving natural areas cleaner than they were when we arrived.
•    When visiting clubs and resorts always use trash cans and do your part in keeping the grounds clean for everyone's enjoyment.  Always use butt receptacles where smoking is permitted.
•    Get dressed before leaving established clothing optional areas.  Naturists are not trying to offend anyone.
•    Follow all parking regulations and other posted rules.
•    Do not engage in overt sexual activity or harassing conduct.
•    Respect the property of others.
•    Get the permission of subjects before taking photographs.  At landed clubs and resorts, photography is generally not permitted to ensure everyone's privacy.  If attending an event in a private home, do not take photographs without the permission of the host(s).
•    Respect the privacy of others.  Many people simply like to enjoy being nude in nature and don't want to be disturbed.  It is good to be friendly and that is encouraged, but pay attention to the response and body language of others and take your cues from that.
•    Speak up for standards.  If you see people who are violating the accepted standards, please explain to them clearly and politely just how they are violating the rules and what the proper behavior is.