A nudist is simply a human being without "Artificial Additives".

A nudist is simply a human being without "Artificial Additives".
Indiana Naturists Membership Crunch:
Last updated 1/7/16

IN has a total of 110 members.
65 of which are AANR members. (59%)
50 of those members list Indiana Naturists as their home club.

78 members are part of a couple (71%)
32 members are single. (29%)

New to nudism is just curious about the lifestyle?

Indiana Naturists is the perfect way to experience social nudism for the first time or just learn more about it. The general textile public views social nudism as a sexual or at least sexually overt lifestyle. That is not the case as you will see when you join.

As a new or curious nudist you can expect your personal safety and anonymity to be protected. Our membership standards are much higher than most clubs (landed or non landed). We do extensive background checks on all of our applicants. No one with violent or sexual offenses will be admitted. You are never required to give more than just your first name to our members.

Want to give social nudism a try but not willing to invest a large sum of money?

Indiana Naturists membership is only $62 per year for a single and $97 per year for a couple. American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) membership is also included in your membership.

Our members can receive discounts to area landed clubs.

Our monthly member hosted gatherings are always free and a great way to meet other nudists and ask questions. Our members are used to helping newer nudists. Our primary goal is to give people like you an avenue to learn about and enjoy social nudism without a big monetary investment while maintaining a safe, protected environment.

Are you a female and apprehensive about undressing in front of strangers?

Indiana Naturists' female members often describe our club as a comfortable environment for them. We never require our female members to get undressed except in hot tubs & pools or when required by the landed club we are visiting. We also invite our female members and prospects to contact our Women's Advisory Board. The WAB is a small group of our female members available to answer questions and provide additional information relating especially to women. For more, visit our A Woman's Perspective page.

Have more questions?

Visit our FAQ page or email us at info@indiananaturists.com

Apply for membership here.