A nudist is simply a human being without "Artificial Additives".

A nudist is simply a human being without "Artificial Additives".

Important organizational announcement

After careful consideration I have decided to make some changes as to how Indiana Naturists will operate going forward. I have talked with many of you and I know some will be against these changes. I hope everyone understands that I must do what’s best for the group overall. If we continue down the path we are now, we will not survive. Although it may cause us to lose some members, I believe that these steps are needed to ensure Indiana Naturists exists far into the future.


Indiana Naturists has been losing money the last couple years and we must make changes to keep the group sustainable. Operating costs are rising every year. One major reason we have been losing money is we spend more on sponsor events then what we are paid by that club. We can’t continue to lose money on sponsorships but I think it’s important to have these great events. I will be reworking our sponsorship contracts and proposing these changes to multiple clubs this winter. Our event budgets will need to tighten up in the future. The contributions made by Scott & Megan and Rick O have really saved us. Thank you guys so much for all you do to help us have such awesome events.


One thing that’s been saving us is the AANR Midwest advertising grant which pays us $500 per year that we can use towards advertising. We use this money to keep our website up and running but costs far exceed the $500 we get back. This year we almost didn’t qualify for that money and it almost sunk us. Steph and I had to loan the club money to stay afloat this year.  With that being said here’s what will be changing along with an explanation as to why.


As of January 2019 Indiana Naturists will become an AANR 100% club.


What that means is when you join or renew you will be required to join AANR or prove your existing AANR membership (if it’s not through us). If you are not an AANR member you will receive an invoice to join AANR along with your IN renewal starting in January 2018. You will not receive anything until your next renewal date. 


Why are we doing this? It’s very simple. We adhere to the same principles and standards as AANR so it only makes sense that this be a requirement. Also it affords us additional money to use for advertising in the future (2019 and beyond). We also have noticed that most of our members that aren’t AANR members don’t really participate in the group anyway (with a few exceptions).


If you are part of a couple, only one of you will be required to hold AANR membership. The invoice will automatically include both members of the couple unless you notify us that you wish to hold a single AANR membership. For couples, holding a single membership instead of a couple’s membership will hold no additional discount. I want to avoid having people join AANR as a single just to save money. A single joining IN will pay the exact same as a couple joining. As I research other non-landed clubs around the country we are still among the cheapest to join. We are also one of the very few that still hold free members events.


For those of you that are concerned about anonymity I want you to know that there is a “no mail” option that would keep you from receiving any mail from AANR including mailing of membership cards (they will come to me instead) and The Bulletin (you can still receive it through email). AANR’s membership lists are confidential so you don’t have to worry about any information about your affiliation getting out to the public unless you ok it.


I am offering a special for any non AANR Indiana Naturists members that join through us between now and Dec 31st, (through 3/31/19) we will extend your IN membership for free. Just email me and I will get it worked out. chris@indiananaturists.com


That special leads me to the second change…

We will be changing everyone’s renewal dates to March 31st every year for both AANR & IN.

This change should have been done years ago and I apologize it’s taken me so long to take action. Every month Steph has to process both IN and AANR renewals. Some of you pay right away and others either pay last minute or late. This causes the members that pay right away to not get their new cards in a timely manner. It’s a ton of work for Steph. Moving everyone to one renewal date will take some pressure off of her and allow us to get you your new cards in timely manner.


Starting with January renewals you will get pro-rated invoices to March 31st 2019. For example if your renewal date is January 31st 2018, your invoice will renew you until March 31st 2019 so your invoice will be for 14 months instead of 12 and it will be for both AANR and IN. If your renewal date is after March 31st your 2018 invoice will be for less than one year.


In conclusion I firmly believe that these changes will set us up to remain in the black and give our group more flexibility in the future. If you have any concerns please feel free to reach out to me.

Chris Brown