A nudist is simply a human being without "Artificial Additives".

A nudist is simply a human being without "Artificial Additives".

This page is all about the TRUTH. Many people have the wrong impression of what naturisim is. We are here to educate you and sift through all the misconceptions out there.

 Popular lies about Naturism 

and then TRUTH

1. It's all about sex.
When we ask non nudists what they think naturism is most think sex first. Many believe that if you go to a nudist club you will likely encounter sexual activity of some sort. Not only is this untrue but overt sexual activity is almost "taboo" in the naturist world. 

Just about every aspect of life contains more sexual overtones than naturism. Sex is the #1 way to sell your products. It's engrained in our daily lives. Advertising would have you believe that only skinny barbie doll types are acceptable. When you visit a naturist park you quickly realize there's a world out there full of people who are NOT buying it. It's a refreshing surprise. Most first time visitors say that sex is the last thing they thought about while visiting. We support wholesome family nude recreation. Anything that requires an apology is unaccepted. 

Imagination has a lot to do with sexual feelings and thoughts. A skimpy swimsuit has more sexual power than nudity.

2. It's illegal.
Nudity is not allowed in many areas but it's actually allowed in more areas than most would think. Obviously it's perfectly legal at nudist resorts or in the comfort of your own home. Indiana law states public indecency only occurs when you are nude with the purpose of being seen by others or when used in a sexual way. http://www.in.gov/legislative/ic/2010/title35/ar45/ch4.html

3. Nudists are "weirdos" or "perverts".
Nudists come in all shapes and sizes and all walks of life. Nudists are well known as being some of the most kind, understanding, and friendly people on Earth. They are not perverts. Nudist clubs like Indiana Naturists do extensive background checks on potential guests and members to ensure the privacy, safety, and comfort of their members. Perverts will find much easier ways to be perverts rather than waste their time with our club or any nudist club.

4. All nudists are supermodel body types
Nudists reflect the community as a whole. Some are small. Some are big. Some have scars, stretch marks, and other imperfections. Most curious people believe that their imperfections would be noticed or even spoke about. Not true. It only takes minutes to realize your body's imperfections are normal. Nobody has a perfect body and nobody cares or notices yours. Nudism is about freedom. It's not a beauty contest. People are judged only by the quality of their character.

5. Nudsim is for adults only.
Would you be surprised to see children or young families at a nudist resort? Prepare to be surprised then. Children are natural nudists. They have not learned the lie that there bodies are supposed to be dirty and shameful. They don't understand the sexualization of the human body yet. Most children would prefer to be nude. It's more comfortable and it feels good to have the sun and the wind touch your body.

Many nudist resorts have play areas and activities for children. It's actually easier to keep children clean too. After play time in the sand box you don't have to worry about them tracking sand everywhere because they can shower outside before even coming inside again.

Children of nudist family values are often more self confident.

6. If I visit a nudist resort I must get undressed right away and stay undressed.
Every club is different when it comes to state of dress but most will allow visitors (especially first time visitors) to remain dressed until they feel comfortable enough to disrobe. Remember, everyone in there had a first time too. They understand you can't shed years of society's teachings in just a few minutes. Most will offer help and guidance to new nudists. When visiting a club be sure to ask at the gate if you are expected to undress right away.

Nudists prefer to be nude whenever they can but that doesn't mean you won't see people walking around with clothes on. Sometimes nudity is not practical. Things like weather play a factor. 

7. If I go to a nudist club my privacy will be compromised.
Exactly the opposite. Nudist clubs ban the use of cameras for obvious reasons. Anonymity is always respected. You should never feel like you have to give out personal information you are not comfortable giving (except when registering). First names only are the norm. The information you give out when registering isn't shared.

If you happen to meet someone there you know then you have just found a new common interest that could likely bolster your relationship. They are not concerned with "outing" you as a nudist just as you aren't concerned with "outing" them. It's actually exciting to find out you have nudist friends because it gives you someone to talk and hang out with. They can also help introduce you to people which will help you make more friends.

8. Nudism was invented.
Swimsuits were invented. Nudism has been around since the beginning of human kind. Humans only started wearing clothes to protect them against weather. Later it became a status symbol. Even after clothing started making its way to the mainstream, people still swam naked. Swimsuits weren't invented until years later. Swimsuits serve no purpose. They don't help you stay afloat or help you swim better. Why wear clothes to swim? Now that's one of the most ridiculous inventions ever.

9. I could never be a nudist. I'm too self conscious.
If you have body image issues I know of a cure. It's naturism. Shed your clothes and shed those self conscious feelings with them. It works! You will be a happier person. You will smile more too. I promise.