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What is naturism?
Naturism n. a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of nudity, with the intention of encouraging body acceptance, self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment.
Naturist Education
What is the difference between naturism and nudism?
Nudism and naturism go hand in hand and either term is correct when talking about wholesome nude recreation. Some nudists prefer to call themselves naturists because the word nudism has taken on a different meaning in the digital age. People misuse the term nudism to mean sex even though it has nothing to do with sex. How I explain it is that nudism is the act of being nude and naturism is the lifestyle of being nude whenever possible.
How do I become a naturist?
Only you know if naturism is right for you. Some people enjoy being nude in the privacy or their own home or apartment, but can’t imagine being nude on a public beach or in a resort. That’s all right. Naturism is not something that should be forced, either on you or others. Perhaps the best way to "become a naturist" is with the help of a friend or spouse who is a naturist. Of course, that isn’t always possible. Another option is to contact a naturist organization near you. Most local and regional naturist groups welcome new members and do their best to ease them into the world of naturism. If all else fails, why not just check out your nearest nude beach, hot spring, or swimming hole? You don’t have to take your clothes off right away; do it gradually if you prefer. Or, if it simply doesn’t feel right, just leave. You can always come back and try again. But remember: if you go to a clothing-optional site and remain clothed for too long, people might start taking you for a gawker.
Naturist Society
What if I'm ready, but my spouse, partner, or friend is not?
This is common. Typically, women are more wary than men of clothing-optional venues. But everyone, male and female, has "body issues." For some, the idea of being seen nude—and seeing others nude—is filled with psychological tension. A spouse, friend or partner can help reduce the tension, but only if caution and sensitivity are exercised. Remember, every naturist had a "first time." Many who were most reluctant initially are now avid naturists. And remember, too, that there is a line between encouragement and coercion. Don’t cross it if you want to introduce someone to naturism.
Naturist Society
What if I get "excited"?
Public erections are not acceptable. 99% of the time this is not a problem. You quickly realize on your first visit that there's nothing sexual about it. If for some reason you do become excited, use your towel to cover and move to a location out of the public like a shower or bathroom until it subsides.
What about my body? I'm no Barbie or Ken doll.
No one is a Barbie. People come in all shapes and sizes. Our group and the folks you will meet at a resort are all a reflection of society as a whole. You will see more stretch marks and scars than you will super models. Naturism is about body acceptance. Nudists are the nicest people you will ever meet. If you accept your body for what it is, then so will every one else.

* This subject is another one of those instances with naturism that seems to be a much bigger deal in your mind until you actually just do it. Usually soon into your first experience you realize, it's really not a big deal.
What's the ratio of men to women at our gatherings?
Every event is different but generally at our events we have around a 3 men for every 2 women. I've seen them more 2 men for every 1 woman before. Naturism is just more accepted by men than women so pretty much in every aspect of naturism you will find more men than women. Our main goal is to grow our naturist community and female naturists are very important to that growth so don't forget to tell your female friends about us too.

Most resorts put limits on single males so always call ahead and make a reservation.
If I choose to attend a gathering, will I have to undress right away?
No. Naturists understand that you cannot shed years of socialization as soon as you arrive. Like most clubs, we allow visitors to remain dressed at first. You won't be pressured to undress right away.
My friends/family/co-workers don't know about my lifestyle. Will my privacy be compromised?
We go by first names only. You are not required to tell any member anything you're not comfortable with. We won't ask you where you work or for your last name. Everyone has their own level of anonymity when it comes to naturism. Some are comfortable sharing personal information and some are not. As a rule, don't ask personal questions to avoid making people feel uncomfortable.
What if I run into someone I know?
Chances are that they will be just as nude as you.... and quite comfortable with nude recreation (unless it's their first visit too). They'll likely be glad to see you. Conversation will be easy... you have something to talk about: a common interest in nude recreation.
How can I give back to the group?
We depend on friendship, respect, caring, volunteer spirit and cooperation among our members. At the end of the day this group is yours as much as it is any other member's.

The easiest way to give back to the group is to come to our gatherings and be active on our website. You can also host a gathering. To truly get the most out of the group, you should host at least once. We realize that sometimes hosting at your home is not an option and we understand that. If this is you, you may also consider donating money to the group to help pay for other functions. We rely on our member's to volunteer to help where they see fit. Some can't host or donate but choose to offer assistance in their field of expertise. If you wish to volunteer your time or skills email Chris.

No one is obligated to do anything to give back if they don't want to. You are not required to host, donate time, or donate money.
What about children?
Kids usually take to naturism much faster than adults. They are key to keeping naturism around for generations to come. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent. In the naturist community, kids are guarded by everyone. Always keep an eye out for anyone or anything suspicious around kids.

If you are a parent considering taking your children to a resort but are worried about their safety, don't be. Resort owners, administrators, and club members are used to looking after kids. The same as taking them to a public park never let your children roam the grounds alone and monitor them in the pool area. Always call ahead and check amenities offered for your kids.
How should I act around others during my first visit to a naturist event?
It is often difficult for new people to know where to look. To a naturist, there is no difference between being dressed or nude. Just try to act as you normally would in any other social situation.  It is okay to look. Out of curiosity you may initially find yourself looking at the genitals and breasts of others. Just don't stare. Soon, as your curiosity about those areas subsides, you will find yourself concentrating on the face and eyes.
What if someone stares?
Look but never stare. If anyone ever makes you uncomfortable contact a host or another member. This is hardly ever an issue but if it were to happen, the problem will be solved promptly. We take our members safety and comfort very seriously.
Is being nude legal?
In most western jurisdictions it is legal to be nude on private property so long as you can't be seen by others outside the property.  Consequently, all naturist resorts are legal.  The law can be a little fuzzier when it comes to nudity at beaches and public recreation areas.